Friday, September 07, 2012


Do you ever wonder? I have been wondering something for a while. I dont know if  I am supposed to go one way or the other. I have also been having a hard time with something lately too that I am kind of embarrassed about and kind of upset about. I wont go into details, cause i dont like putting that much detail on the internet, especially if its something so personal. I will be vague though.  I feel like i try so hard to never get anywhere. I dont know the right  path to take. I mean, I try follow a right path, but i never seem to get anywhere particular. What do i do with my life? Where do i go? I want to go somewhere, where i feel like i am doing something good for people. I guess trying and not getting anywhere is in other parts of my life too. But one seems to be more frustrating and depressing. I try and try and try. What else can i do? I feel like i havent received an answer to my wondering. Well until next time

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