Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Things are never enough? You know, sometimes i wonder why i try so hard. It never seems to get me anywhere and i just get b****** at for failing... Failing=learning for me a lot of times. But when i try again... Oh no... Its wrong. I cant fail. Frak that! Its never good enough even when i do succeed its not enough. No good job, no well done. Just "do this better" or "you should've done that instead". Whats the point in actually trying, anyone know?

Frak this................

Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Been a pretty good day. Went this morning and donated plasma. A little bit of a different experience. I got really light headed and hott and had to stop halfway through though. I am going to try again. I think it was because i did not have enough water and stuff to eat. But I feel good that i saved someones life by donating. I wish there was a place in Columbus though, so that the drive would not be so bad.

Other things that have been going on are...i now have a JOB! Lol. A real job. I go for training on Friday. I am excited. Its not as much money as i would like and its only part time. But it will make Anthony happy, and shut him up lol.

Went and did some art the other day. I spent all day doing it and i have to say that i miss it so so so much. It would mean the WORLD to me if i could do artwork for a living. Its something that i am passionate about. Im thinking about changing my major to it. I just love it so much. Being able to be creative everyday would make me so happy. I would be on cloud nine. Well if i got paid well enough for it anyway. lol

Weight loss has slowed a little. I have hit my plateau. So i think i am going to up my weight training. Training for my 5K is going well. I can jog two miles now with only one quarter mile walk section. Which makes me extremely happy. I was sick about two weeks ago with some thing, idk what it was, but i couldnt run and i ended up gaining some weight back. :-( No fun. but i will get it back down.

Well, Im helping my sis make a costume for Gen Con. So im going to go. Until i write again.