Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hey Everyone

Things have been going good here. Matthew is getting big as you can see. he is going everywhere. he army crawls which is cute. He now has his bottom two teeth. He chews on everything! He has outgrown his infant car seat and has now moved up to his own Cadillac car seat. lol. It has a cup holder and everything. Im still working at the same place but i am going to business school in the fall! so pray for me there! Kyle has recently found a better job at rural king. Praise for that! But i will try to keep everyone as updated as i can now that we have almost everything set up at the apartment.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Long Time No Post

He is getting so big. Its crazy. Not crawling yet. Rolling tho. He has his bottom teeth and the fang teeth are growing in next. lol. He weighs close to 21 lbs!!! but he is tall too! Sry i havent blogged in so long. I have been busy with work! and We just got our own place! its crazy to see how much stuff you have and then realize you need more. lol. We are almost settled in. Well guys i better go. Hope to talk to you all soon!