Friday, November 30, 2012

Inspried to Write?

Well, I have been a litte down the past couple of days. I recently lost my job and Anthony is about to get involuntary layed off from him job. I am kinda stressed and with the baby i know that that is not a good thing. I have tried to take measures to keep from being sad or stressed. I am trying to give this issue to God and trust that He will take care of us. But it is so hard. Whenever my mind starts to stray from the task at hand I have to remind myself that I have given it to Him and I cant take it back. Now, with that said, I have put in applications and resumes all over the place, so maybe God can show me his path soon. We shall see in time, I guess. So other than the job thing, life is going well. Anthony nd I are doing well. I am trying to be a better wife. Proverbs 31 has given me inspiration. I have also found a few blogs that I am now following that are a huge help to me.  My wants and desires of my heart God knows and i think he has brought me to these Christian bloggers just for the purpose of encouraging and and strengthening me. I have only been following for a couple of days and it is already a little bit better. I have also found that music is and escape too. I blare the music and it makes me feel better. But back to the bloggers. It amazes me that there are these people who can so adequately put their thoughts into words. I have a seriously hard time for that. My mind is all over the place and its like i cant focus on one particluar thought and think about it for a while because my mind does a squirrel. Its horrible and annoying. I feel like a failure at times. That nothing i touch goes right. That is a hard thing to deal with as well. Well the reason i am writing all this down is because i want to ask for prayer. These thoughts are my inner emotions and the things that i really struggle with. So i am inspired to write it all down and maybe, just maybe, writing this down will help better days to come.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Mind Puzzle

Ever feel like there is so much going on in your head that it gets all jumbled and tangled and it makes you not even be able to think. well i feel that way... its all a jumble in my head, like a crossword and a sudkou all in one. I know its not because of all the hormones from the baby, because i would get this way before.... i dont know, i am trying to come up with some solutions to detangling and straightening out all the ends but its not the easiest. I think i am going to start a journal.. I have One Note on my comp, i might just start using that, it has password locks with a tradition one doesnt really. So maybe writing (typing) down my thoughts will help organize them to where they need to be. I would write on here, but i dont like ppl being able to see so much of my self, so you all get teh skim milk version. lol. Well for now, i think i am going to go. I have to go get Matt from school and then go teach class, then sing. which i am looking forward to. well, again, bye.