Friday, March 29, 2013

Fast Five

Well, I am thinking my hubby and I need a date night. So I am planning a surprise for him. I am going to take him to one of his favorite things. Cars.... lol
He will love this. I was going to try to take him to a car show, but no one is having one near here right now. so instead I am going to take him to the dealership and let him test drive some of his favorite cars... I think he will love it. Then we are going to dinner and then come home to watch a gear head movie... Fast Five. I am hoping he will love it!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Broken Heart

You know...there are sometimes in life where your heart just breaks for someone else. Well i had one of those experiences the other day and it did not even happen to me, it happened to Anthony, who told me about it. I am one of those people who have trouble with the help the animal commercials and the feed the hungry campaigns. They just tend to break my heart so much!!! You know we really dont take the time to realize ALL of the blessings that we have everyday! We are loaded with Blessings... and we dont even acknowledge it or the one who gave it to us. All we can think about is the next upgrade in this, or i really want that.  But what about the simple pleasures in life? The joys have should satisfy us? Thank him daily for all his blessings

Continuing with my story, Anthony came home the other day from taking Matt to preschool ay 7:20 am and told me this story.
         He said " I took Matt inside this morning and was signing him into class when i noticed this little boy sitting at the table looking really really sad. His head was in his hands, and he just looked like a lost puppy. So i went along helping Matt put his jacket and book bag up, then i got down and gave Matt a bear bug, but while i was hugging him, this little boy was watching us the whole time. So i finally asked the little boy what was wrong and he said "im sad"  so I said "why are you sad bud?". Then the little boy said, "I was watching you and was wishing that I had a daddy."............... It just hit me hard. It broke my heart, so i tried to cheer him up a little. We played for a little bit and i joked with him and finally he went off with Matt to play. But it just broke my heart.."

Of course when Anthony told me all this, it broke my heart as well. Its even hard to type. Now i dont know the situation with that little boy, but he is in my prayers i can tell you that. I am so so so so so thankful that Matt has a Daddy who loves him with all his heart, and such a good support system all around him. I am also thankful that Anthony is the type of man who would take the time after working for 12hrs on third shift to cheer up a little sad boy...  Major blessing to me that I know came from God.

Hope you all take something away from this, blessings are all around us.

Monday, March 11, 2013

31 weeks

I am now officially 31 weeks along! Yay. Only 9 more to go. It feels like my pregnancy has gone by quickly so far and i hope that it does not change. So just a little bit about my day. I went to bed real late. I am having a hard time being able to go to sleep at a decent hour without Anthony here at nights. It sucks bad. But anyways.... I went to bed late and did not get up till bout 10 thirty or so (Ant took Matt to school), with a missed call on my phone. So i listened to the voicemail and it was our realtor who said she was going to show our house to an interested party today at four! I was like AHAHAHAHAHAH. Only four hours to get a house show ready!!! So i did the flight of the butterfly! I did everything: all the laundry, all floors sweep, all floors mopped, bathroom scrubbed down (tub,toilet,behind toilet), Matts room rearranged, up baby's part of the room up, did the TEN MILLION dishes (i need to be better about doing them every day), dusted room, Etc. Now i am so wore out. I think i over did it with the baby, she is kicking my butt now. Well on the plus side at least the house is clean now! I plan to try to keep it that way