Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Mind Puzzle

Ever feel like there is so much going on in your head that it gets all jumbled and tangled and it makes you not even be able to think. well i feel that way... its all a jumble in my head, like a crossword and a sudkou all in one. I know its not because of all the hormones from the baby, because i would get this way before.... i dont know, i am trying to come up with some solutions to detangling and straightening out all the ends but its not the easiest. I think i am going to start a journal.. I have One Note on my comp, i might just start using that, it has password locks with a tradition one doesnt really. So maybe writing (typing) down my thoughts will help organize them to where they need to be. I would write on here, but i dont like ppl being able to see so much of my self, so you all get teh skim milk version. lol. Well for now, i think i am going to go. I have to go get Matt from school and then go teach class, then sing. which i am looking forward to. well, again, bye.

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