Thursday, August 02, 2012

The Good and the Bad

Hey all,
Well,  yesterday  i had a horrible day! I mean horrible. Everything went wrong all at once. It made me in a horrible mood. I didn't try real hard to fight my frustrations either. But you can only take so much. When i hit my limit, i hit it hard. it does not happen very very often, granted: but i know i was not a very nice person to be around yesterday. Well anywaz. you get the idea. Today was much better. Things at work went great, other than we were slammed and my hubby stayed home today to rest and ended up doing a lot around the house, which i appreciate greatly.  Then a great new friend of mine and I got together for dinner. We had a lot of fun. Then her, her husband, me and Ant all went and practiced my song for Sunday. I actually feel better about singing this song than normal. for one i have people who are going to be up there with me, for two: i can hit the range of this song well. and three: its a upbeat song that i love.  How can things go from bad to good so quickly and unexpectedly.  What do you do to relieve stress and tension. 


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