Friday, August 03, 2012

1st Day of Preschool

Time has arrived! My son is starting preschool on Monday.  I know that every parent says "i cant believe he is going to school already" but i am going to be cliche and say it anyway. I cant believe he is going to school already!!!!  He is so smart already. We have some tough decisions to make once he passes preschool, but for now i just want him to have some fun while getting a head start on his education! Here are some of his school clothes. He tried them all on and had a fashion show.... (don't tell daddy, lol)   Enjoy!

 My Little All Star, soon to be All American!
 Musical Genius
 My  little Mr. Crabs... lol
 Mickey Mouse tractor pull
 Rock and Roll
 Spiderman..  Quote of the day by Matt  "Mommy, spiderman climbs on walls, why can't I?"  This was after i told him to stop climbing the walls. lol
 More Spiderman

 Batman. We have to support the Dark Knight rises!
And last but not least!!!! Hot rod mechanic! Daddy would be so proud!

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