Sunday, November 02, 2008


Hey Everyone,

So Halloween was pretty fun for me this year even though i didn't get to go trick or treating, oh well dont need the candy anyway. I dressed Matthew up in a skeleton costume. He was so CUTE and he glowed in the dark so he was easy to find, lol.
Since he is only 6 weeks old we didn't go trick or treating.(DUH) But we did go to Aunt Katressa's for a little get together. Well, Katressa and John watched Matthew for me and Kyle all night, (Thanks Tress btw) while Kyle and I, with our friends Danny and Brandon, went to a haunted house in Greenwood. We all had a lot of fun. And, Of course, we all got scared. The boys made me lead a couple times, and there was times we ran. Lol. Lets see, there were people jumping out of the walls, people chasing you, and a lot of motion sensored devices(i wont go in to it). Of course, Brandon, the smart one of us all, brought a little bitty head lamp for a light. We were shining it around cornors so we could see what was coming, to no avail. We still got "GOT" a couple different times. We had fun crawling, running, and screaming. So all in all, i had a pretty cool Halloween.


Denise said...

I haven't went to a haunted house since my honeymoon. And it totally freaked us out! LOL

Matthew is just the cutest little trick-or-treater of the year! :)

Dorcas said...

Sounds like you & Kyle along with your friends had a fun evening! And I'm sure Aunt Katressa really enjoyed watching little Matthew for you :o)

Nettie's Nook said...

P.S. I love him sooooo much!!!