Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Time

So, i am loving this weather lately! 70 degrees with a breeze is AWESOME. There is just something about the sun that just makes me feel good. I really want to go swimming though. I need to get a swimsuit. The one i have is so old its falling apart lol. So any suggestions on where to get a good, decently priced one? Im think target or TJ Max. Softball tonight! I play on Wed's for a womans league. Last week i went to my best friends game on Thursday and they ended up needing another player, so i filled in. Ended up that they want me to come play with them for the rest of the season. lol. Coed league is a little harder to do lol. VBS is this week, and Matt is doing well. Its good for him to get some time with other kids and have some socialization time. He has really been testing me lately though, which is frustrating.... lol... I just want him to be a good kid and grow up to be a good family man... Well going to hang with the sis for a little while. Until i post again

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