Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Not enough Time in the Day!

Hey all,
 Sorry I have not had the chance to post this week. There is so much going on!!!! I have have four big things to do this weekend. I am face painting saturday morning. I am going to gencon Saturday afternoon. Mr. Cox is playing at Cliff's Saturday night. Then Sunday morning is Church and after church, I am going to a Cincinnati Red's game. I am super excited, but super busy. I have to finish my flyer for the face painting. I have to finish my costume for  GenCon. I have to get on designing a new tshirt logo for Mr. Cox. Then for Sunday, I have to get my shirt that i am making done. There is not enough time in the day. Plus do all my motherly and wifely duties. I think i am going to crash and burn hard this weekend. Oh, and did i forget to mention that I have a doctors appt next week!   Anyways, I better run. Lots to do! I will post pictures soon!

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