Tuesday, October 26, 2010


So ya.. the storms that just went through Indiana were awesome. 1200 mile radius(all across Indiana from north to south) 80-90 mph winds. It was so cool to see it roll in. There is nothing in the world to compare to that feeling than before the storm. I love storms if you cant tell. But ever since i had Matthew im been more scared of them for his sake. Before i felt like that i could go outside in the middle of the storm and not worry about it, but now i feel so protective. Its werid and cool that i feel like a parent. Lol. He has my heart!


Katressa said...

i feel the exact same way. Im more scared now than when i lied in a trailor! crazy! the whole protectiveness we moms have is pretty cool :)

Lauren Burton said...

Ya it is cool