Friday, January 16, 2009

Sickness and the Doctor

After the holidays i noticed that Matthew was starting to get sick. He didnt have a fever or anything, just some sneezing and a lil cough. Well this past monday i took him into the doctor for them to check it out. Matthew's doctor wasnt there so we had to see someone esle. The doc we saw checked Matthew out and he said " Its just a cold. He will be fine in a couple of days."At the doctors Monday

HA. So much for those words. On my birthday(Tuesday), we decided to stay the night with my friend Timara and while we were there Matthew started wheezing horribly and coughing! So the next morning i called and took him to the doctor again. Yet again Matthews doc was not there so we had to see someone else but it turned out ok because we got to see the doctor that Matthew had had at the hospital. So Dr. Larson checked him out and he said that Matthew had an upper resportory infection and he gave him a scrpit for some antibiotics. Unfortunately i had to go to work, so mom and dad had him all day. He wasnt going ANYWHERE. So i come home and start to put him to bed, his cough sounds horrbile and he feels warm, so i think to myself, "i will take his temp first."

Good thing i did .It was 102.4 . I was like oh my godness. Now i know that thats not that high. But for a baby of Matthews age it has room for concern so i give him a colder bath and some tyenol to try and get it down and that wouldnt work. So i end up calling the nurse hotline. They tell me to take him to the emergency room. Of course this was at 2 o clock in the morning. So we go and get checked out. His temp was still 102. The doctor comes in and listens to him cough a couple times and tells me that Matthew has Crupe. :_( (cry symbol). The nurses and everyone on the night shift thought he was the cutest thing even tho he didnt feel good. The nurse gave him a steriod shot, which would help take the swelling in his throat down and the some tyenol and we were on our way home. We got home around 4 30 am. (i shortened this past part, everyone was SuPeR nice and kind. Not at all the rush in and out thing).
In his gown. Cute but sad.(top)
In Mommy's Arms. (bottom)

Today he is still feeling bad. The shot has helped him some. I feel so bad for him. He is really fussy. He goes to cry or make a noise and nothing comes out, but you can tell it hurts him to even try that and he just makes a face that tells you hes in pain. So everyone, please, pray for him to get better soon!

We love and miss you all
Ps i will post bout my birthday tomorrow. im too tired right now


Dorcas said...

Ahhhhh! I'm so sorry to hear about baby Matthew!! That croup stuff is horrible. With went through that with Brett when he was little and he ended up in the hospital for a couple of days with it! I could tell you some of my experiences with that :o)) I hope he gets over it and it doesn't keep coming back. Brett still has trouble with sickness in the winter! Matthew will eventually outgrow the croup stage though.

Denise said...

Oh, poor buddy! :( It is just awful when they are sick. Hopefully he's all better soon!

Lauren's Blog said...

I hope he does. the poor thing. it just makes my heart hurt

Aunt Vi said...

Sorry to hear about Matthew. Hopefully he's better by now. I always said I'd much rather be sick than them cause they can't tell where it hurts. You'll all be in our prayers.