Saturday, December 06, 2008

Christmas Countdown

Hey Everyone

Just wanted to blog about my day off. I am so glad that this week is over. Work has been pretty good and bad all at the same time. We found out at work Thrusday that my work was 26% over our sales for this year so we got a extra week off for christmas. Yay. So now i am off work the 19th thru the 5th. I am so happy! So today i went shopping for the few people i had to buy for yet and let me tell you it was CRAZY. People were everywhere. Drivers were being stupid in the inch of snow we had. Everything was rush rush rush. I think that sometimess people forget the reason for this holiday. Its about giving and being with your friends and family. Not about giving the most expensive gift or even the holiday parties. We are celebrating Christ's birth and people forget that. Just the other day, black friday i think, i heard in the news about how this Walmart employee got trampled by the crowd trying to get in to get the sales. Its sad that those people were so selfish to do that.

Anywaz.... I just want everyone to not forget about the real reason for the season and i hope you all have a great holiday.

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Dorcas said...

Glad you get all that time off for the holidays!! Enjoy it! And it's so true ~ majority of the people forget the true reason for the season, don't they?