Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Church Thanksgiving Dinner

On Sunday the 20th. Kyle, Matthew and I all wen to Harold and Annette's church for the their annual thanksgiving dinner. Man, let me tell you the women of that church sure can cook!! There was a lot of good food and everyone had a good time. As you can tell from the pictures everyone wanted and did hold Matthew. He's so attention deprived. Lol. NOT. Everyone spoils him rotten. Mackenzie, of course, sat next to me. We are best buds. lol. She is the sweetest thing and she has grown so much in the past year. It doesn't seem like that long ago when she wouldn't even talk to me. Lol. I have enjoyed watching her grow. i cant imagine Matthew being that old and growing that fast. I like this stage that he is in now. But he is still growing like a weed. He is smiling more and wiggling like crazy. I call him my little wiggle worm. :-) He is definitly eating a lot. No wonder he's growning so much, right. lol


Aunt Vi said...

Nice pics, Lauren. Matthew is changing his looks. He's such a cutie. Wish I could see him more often. Keep the pics coming. Who's the handsome "Dude" in the suit. Tell all hi. Happy Thanksgiving!

Denise said...

MmmmM - Church dinners are the best. :) Matthew really is growing & getting cuter every day. I love babies this age.......! I missed seeing you the other night but I sure enjoyed hogging your baby. LOL :)